Ishaara, University of California’s Hindi Film Dance aka Bollywood dance group appeared on NBC’s primetime show American’s Got Talent. They clearly wowed the audience and are moving up the ladder and participate in the next round in Las Vegas.

Currently, Ishaara is ranked as the number one dance group in the Bollywood or Hindi Film Dance category at the University level. Interestingly, I just did a longish story about the growth of Hindi Film Dance group in US universities, which has seen a sudden explosion in the last 5 years and is emerging as a new dance category. Will share the link once the article is published.

Last year I saw Ishaara perform live at Cal Berkeley and these guys outstanding. It is amazing how much energy, time, money and above all analysis goes into the creation of each show. I sometimes think even the original Hindi or Bollywood production folks don’t put in so much time and effort.

Wishing Ishaara the very best.

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Indian Reporter Kamla Bhatt Describes Evolution of Ishaara Written by on 31st Jul, 2009 in Newsfeed
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