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Creative Bollywood Services & Consultation

Ishaara offers a wide range of top-notch professional and creative services. Give us an opportunity to provide our consultation for your business and/or up-coming event. Our track record guarantees our unique approach will be fresh and engage your target audience.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Corporate Entertainment
Ishaara maximizes entertainment value while minimizing entertainment risk. We provide diverse, energetic, colorful and fresh entertainment to Corporate buyers worldwide. Learn More

Classes & Fitness
Ishaara Founder Shahil Patel recently launched BollyX – the fastest growing Bollywood fitness program in the world. Get fit, learn authentic South Asian dance, and have a blast doing it! Learn More

Executive Engagement
Ishaara will teach your Corporate Executives how to dance Bollywood in the blink of an eye. You’ll be shocked at how quickly we can get your CEO dancing to “Jai Ho”. Learn More
TV, Film & Media
Having performed live on NBC, Ishaara knows how to deliver standout performances on the big screen. We can also help you create a viral video to reach millions of viewers across the globe. Learn More
Choreography & Consultation
Ishaara is the expert on the art of integrating Bollywood and Hollywood. Whether it’s related to choreography, costumes, or creative direction, we can help you achieve your vision. Learn More

Weddings & Private Events
Ishaara’s performances have resulted in 100% client satisfaction. We have performed at over 100 private social events and know how to make yours truly memorable. Learn More