Just imagine. We are driving to our venue… and we have to take a gazillion turns and speak with countless security guards until we get to the right special entrance for our dress rehearsal. Jaw-dropping is the only way to explain our reactions to our stage at the Key Arena in Seattle, WA. Performing in front of 20,000 excited Lions Club International Volunteers and dancing on a red carpet under some of the brightest lights we have ever seen, the experience was all-around epic. Just knowing that endless professional sports players played right where we were dancing pumped all of us up even more. As the music blasted through the arena and the crowd erupted during our set, there was no holding back on that stage.  Ishaara was humbled to have been able to leave its own mark at the Key Arena in Seattle.

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The Lion’s Club International Convention in Seattle Written by on 5th Jul, 2011 in Newsfeed
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