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Our Team

Our Artistic Directors are the amongst the nation’s foremost leading experts on South Asian Dance.

We recruit the best talent in the nation. All of our dancers have been selected through a highly intensive screening process.

Our Alumni Network is one of the strongest and fastest growing networks within the South Asian community.

Behind every performance lies a dedicated team of corporate professionals who are hard at work to help Ishaara grow and prosper.


Ishaara is a rare collection of top talent from across the country. With nationally-ranked dancers who can perform a multitude of dance styles, Ishaara is simply unparalleled in its ability to create entertainment productions of the highest caliber. Our South Asian dance expertise includes Modern Bollywood, Classic Bollywood, Bhangra, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Raas Garba, and Tollywood. Furthermore, we differentiate ourselves by seamlessly incorporating elements of Western art forms into our performances, including Hip Hop, Step, Jazz, Salsa, Swing, Ballet and Illumination. Whatever your desire, Ishaara dancers can deliver.


Equally important to our dance caliber is our strong sense of professionalism and dedication to excellence. We treat every event with the utmost care and respect, we hold ourselves to the absolute highest of performance standards, and always seek to exceed client expectations. Success extends far beyond the stage with Ishaara – not only are our members exceptionally talented, but also they are extraordinarily diverse, highly disciplined and very personable. Each dancer is currently pursuing a wide array of career paths including law, medicine, business, technology, operations, teaching and more! We believe this adds an important dimension to our personalities that our clients find immediately valuable.