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History of Ishaara

ISHAARA.  [Ish-aaaaa-raaaa!] – Hindi word that roughly translates to “a sign from above”

Ishaara originated in 2007 as a group of twenty (20) college friends dancing at the University of California – Berkeley. For two years, they competed at intercollegiate dance competitions nationwide, winning an unprecedented seven (7) 1st place prizes and two national titles. By 2009, Ishaara had become the #1 ranked Bollywood dance team in the country, at which point they decided to audition for NBC’s “America’s Got Talent!”

Out of 200,000 acts nationwide, and some 150+ South Asian dance troupes, Ishaara was selected as the first-ever South Asian dance group to be fully featured on national television. They made it all the way to the competition’s semifinals, consistently receiving rave reviews from celebrity judges David Hasselhoff (from Baywatch!), Sharon Osbourne (yes, like Ozzy), and Piers Morgan (the chap from England). Hasselhoff even called Ishaara “the best dance act on the show!”

Following “America’s Got Talent!”, Ishaara was officially incorporated as a professional dance company, led by Directors Shahil Patel and Sian Bentson. Within a few short months, they partnered with a leading management company and recruited top talent nationwide to reinvent their productions on an even larger scale. With more than 40 nationally-ranked dancers and unparalleled experience within the South Asian entertainment market, Ishaara prides itself on being the premier Bollywood dance company in the Western Hemisphere.

Awards & National Recognition

  • NRI Institute “Pride of India” Gold Award Recipient [Silicon Valley, CA]
  • Semifinalist on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent!” Season 4 [Las Vegas, NV]
  • Runner-up – Best of the Best 2009 [Palo Alto, CA]
  • 1st Place – Jhoomti Shaam 2009 [Hollywood, CA]
  • 3rd Place – Err… we don’t like to talk about this one
  • 1st Place – Toofan Triple Threat 2009 [Sacramento, CA]
  • 1st Place – Phillyfest 2009 [Philadelphia, PA]
  • 1st Place – Best of the Best 2008 [Chicago, IL]
  • 1st Place – Jhoomti Shaam 2008 [Los Angeles, CA]
  • 1st Place – Bollywood Berkeley 2008 [San Francisco, CA]