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Frequently Asked Questions

Potential clients always seem to ask similar questions when inquiring about booking an entertainment act. As a result we’ve compiled a list of the most common concerns presented to us over time and addressed them for you below…

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Bollywood - derived from the words ‘Bombay’ and ‘Hollywood‘ – is the world’s largest movie industry, located in Mumbai, India. Its films are often characterized as musicals, typically including up to 30 minutes of fully-choreographed song and dance (although that ALSO means Bollywood movies can get really, really, realllllllly long…like this sentence…).

That being said, we are on a mission to bring the color, energy and vibrancy of Bollywood culture to America on a large scale.

What you’re talking about is called The Cheese Factor (‘Da Cha-eeez’ Fak-Thur’) – commonly known as running across open fields, singing atop snowy mountain peaks, cross-country car chases, and intensely dramatic love stories…

We put on shows that artfully showcase that aspect of Bollywood.

For instance, we might bring a gigantic fan on stage for a quick wind-blowing-through-my-hair-forever effect…or we might have shiny heart-shaped cutouts fall from the sky right at that perfect moment where our love story comes full circle. Who knows, we may even bring out cardboard banjos to enhance an epic moment between star-crossed lovers. Just imagine: right as they gaze lovingly into each others eyes – a violin sounds to strike the cords of the heart in conjunction with a visual display of banjos that make no sense and perfect sense all at the same time!

This is a pretty common question for us. At the end of the day, you know your family the best. What we can provide is easy-to-learn choreography for songs that would capture the essence of the moment, and/or convey the story of how the couple met. Or, if you need us to be, we’ll even be your background dancers. Contact us for more information!

Trust us to completely customize an epic performance that is guaranteed to make an impact. We will work with you to tailor our song selection and performance based on your specific event, audience, and overall vision for the production. Or, if you’d like get more involved in the process, we accept song requests during our initial consultation. Every event is one-of-a-kind, and we will always treat them as such.  

The number of dancers can be completely customized for your performance. With a virtually unlimited roster of dancers, we can coordinate performances as intimate as weddings and small corporate gatherings to large-scale performances in stadium arenas and international conventions.

Even though our list of dancers is virtually unlimited, we prepare quotes based on a budget that works for you.

Yes! We were actually the first-ever South Asian dance group to compete on a stage as grand as NBC’s America’s Got Talent. We made it all the way to the competition’s semifinals, selected in the top 40 out of over 200,000 talent acts across the country. The experience was one we will never forget… and, who knows, you may even see us back in the competition again, not too far off in the future!

The four biggest things that come to mind are:


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Nope, all we need is an audience!

Wait. What?! How did this question get here… hire us to find out!