Shahil Patel is the CEO, co-founder and artistic director for Ishaara Dance Company, a Bollywood group that was featured in the Semifinals of NBC’s hit TV show, “America’s Got Talent!” The Company now performs within the corporate entertainment market across the Western Hemisphere. With a rare blend of Indian heritage, American upbringing, and years of experience in the dance and event space, Shahil brings a fresh perspective that enables his Ishaara Dance clients to successfully incorporate elements of South Asian culture into Western productions. Shahil Patel is one of the nation’s leading experts in the art of integrating “Bollywood” and “Hollywood”.

Shahil works directly with event planners, set designers, motion picture directors, game developers, as well as designers of theme parks and resort environments. He has a granular knowledge of different Indian art forms, both modern and traditional, and continuously leverages his personal relationships within the Bollywood community. With his guidance, Shahil’s clients have been able to navigate the complex cultural mosaic that forms the Indian subcontinent, staying true to that which is authentic without inadvertently crossing cultural or religious taboos. Furthermore, they have been empowered to design experiences that are tailored to a wide range of audiences, inclusive of ethnic groups across both hemispheres.

Shahil graduated from the University of California – Berkeley with a double major in Economics and Psychology, and minor in Management of Innovation. He also spent three years working as a Management Consultant at Accenture and is now pursuing his MBA at MIT Sloan.

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