Curry Bear would like to give a big furry shout out to one of his favorite teams to review. I heard that UC Berkeley Ishaara was going to perform on America’s Got Talent a few weeks ago when someone first posted it on the DDT forums. Since then I have been tuning into my TV set waiting for them to show up because in this economy, I can’t afford TiVo. Finally, last night it happened. They did such an amazing job and really made me proud. I had been hoping for a desi team to be on one of these shows for a long time. I had written plenty of posts encouraging teams to be on this show. There seemed to be a team that was forming just for this purpose but they did not go through with it.

I am really glad Ishaara stepped up. I know how hard it is to put so many things on hold to take a chance like this. I have seen this team perform every year for the last four years and every year they have become better. Maybe it has to do with my dance competition reviews or maybe it just has to do with their hard work and dedication, or maybe it’s Maybelline. I’m going to pretend it was the first one because I have nothing else going on with my life. This team is not a fluke like Kashif or Sanjaya. This is one of the most talented teams in the Fusion/Hindi Film competitions. I can’t wait to see what they have in store and hopefully start dating some of them.

Check out my reviews for older Berkeley Ishaara dance numbers below. I really hope they make it until the end of this season. Ishaara doesn’t know this but I met them once and they are really awesome individually. I even tried to hit on the girl with the sexy, raspy voice. They definitely deserve all the praise and all the hype. Curry Bear, along with just about every other Desi dance team, will be rooting for Ishaara every week and voting! The farther this team gets on this show, the more people will recognize our dance competitions. Someone on the DDT forums said it best.

With Ishaara’s success lies the whole desi dance scene’s success. Many people who don’t even know about all the desi dance activity here in the US will now know about it. The competitions will be recognized, the teams will be recognized, most importantly, the dance will be. It’s success overall for everyone.

Yesterday was indeed a big moment in the desi dance competition scene and it will be a day that many of us will look back on. Congrats again Ishaara! Just don’t forget about Curry Bear when you guys are headlining in Vegas!

You already made us proud. Now make us live vicariously through your victory.

Here is the Ishaara 2008 performance review.

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South Asian Blogger “Curry Bear” Reviews Ishaara Written by on 29th Jul, 2009 in Newsfeed
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