If we’re following the model (sometimes) proposed by the judges — that the winning performer(s) should be able to sustain a one-hour Vegas show — then Ishaara, a Bollywood dance group, was a model act. Immediately energetic and fun, they played up the recent success of Slumdog Millionaire (and its song “Jai Ho,” which I never need to hear again) and worked the judges into a Danny Boyle-ish frenzy. And not undeservedly so — though I’ve seen better performances from similar groups in college competitions, Ishaara’s stage presence and poise was second to none. Couple raw talent with an act that’s more NOW than anything we’ve seen thus far, and I think they’ve got a shot to do very well in this competition. (Points off for mimicking Gerard Butler in their “This. Is. ISHAARA!” post-performance huddle.)

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PopWatch: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Recap Written by on 24th Jul, 2009 in Newsfeed
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