They met at Berkeley and knew their common passion for dance. They are first generation kids of Indian parents who value their Indianess as much as they care about the American spirit. Meet Ishaara dance group, who do not have any fancy studios to practice in but they are Americas favorite on America’s got talent and want Bollywood to get first headline in Vegas.

America’s got talent, and scores join reality/talent hunt shows each month. They are appealing, compelling and seize audiences attention. But Ishaara’s troupe has taken America by storm, the TV reality show America’s got talent on NBC has been grooving to Bollywood like never before. Their eyecatching costumes, killer dance moves had smiling judges with their ‘socks knocked off’, bringing audience and show’s anchor on their feet, dancing with them; all dunked and dazzled in their high-energy, colorful and powerful performances wowing everyone right from the day of the auditions to their last performance where audience just wouldn’t stop making noise.

From their dynamic rendition of Jai Ho to Pappu can’t dance, they enraptured America to the tunes of Bollywood song and dance, which after Slumdog, has become more than evident. Ishaara was all set to create a new platform for Bollywood in the land of Hollywood, before being eliminated from the much watched show.

Coming from Berkeley, this exotic group is the first generation Indians in America, who are proud of their roots and are keen to explore modern dance style found in Hindi movies today, want communities across US to see the coercive act.

Of the ten terrific dancers (all aged beteween 18-22) that make Ishaara Dance, all are either currently studying in University of California, Berkley or recently graduated. Lead by Shahil Patel and Sian Bentson, they have all come together with a strong passion of dance; they crave about bringing Bollywood to America.

But why Bollywood music?

Bollywood has been an intrinsic part of all their lives, call it their connection with India, when they thought of dance, nothing else came in their minds but the synergy of Bollywood dance that has the capability to entertain and make people smile.

With passion for dance so strong, They are an award winning troupe having performed at inter-college competitions and also at many dance festivals across nation.

Their dedication: Practicing late evening in their parking garage, stitching their own jazzy dance costumes and forming their unique style of heart wrenching drama and powerful music, wooing everyone. America’s Got Talent has brought them out in the open, they are now gearing up for the real action that awaits these extremely talented and galvanized entertainers.

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