According to Newton’s Laws of Motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It makes sense to assume, then, that for every horrendous act, there would in turn be a blockbuster act-or dare I say, Bollybuster Act!

That said, it was no surprise then when Bollywood dance-troupe Ishaara-consisting of ten students from the University of California, Berkley-indeed proved my hypothesis correct. Adorned in colorful green/gold and red/gold silky outfits, Ishaara stirred up an exotic brew of hot Bollywood dance moves mixed with traditional Hindu steps dating thousands of years back. So impressed was Hasselhoff that his socks were LITERALLY knocked off. Well done, Ishaara! And congratulations on successful introducing Bollywood culture to mainstream America!

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Ishaara Auditions for “America’s Got Talent!” Written by on 22nd Jul, 2009 in Newsfeed
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