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  • Ishaara on NBC's

    Get to know the first Bollywood dance team to compete on national television...

  • The Rise of Bollywood in Hollywood

    If you haven't integrated Bollywood into your portfolio you're missing out on a key demographic!

  • Reach Out to New Demographics in TV & Film

    Internet Gaming Network (IGN) marketing campaign goes viral with over 1 million views...

  • Redefine Corporate Diversity

    Dancing for Cisco's Annual Partner Summit on K Street in San Diego, CA!

An Exotic Realm of Vivid Colors, Intense Emotion & Non-Stop Energy

Welcome to the Western Hemisphere’s Premier Bollywood Dance Troupe Website!

Our mission: To integrate the best of Bollywood into Western Culture by producing breathtaking routines for men and women of any origin. Ishaara believes that spreading culture is the key to creating a more diverse, tolerant and positive global community. Simply stated, Bollywood Culture is fun, colorful and energetic, and Ishaara wants to share that with the masses.

Competing as a finalist on NBC’s hit TV show “America’s Got Talent!” is only a minor indication of how Ishaara seeks to leave its mark on the world. With a collection of top talent from across the country, a vast array of experiences performing within high-profile entertainment markets, and a true passion for leading the Bollywood wave taking America by storm, Ishaara is well on its way to creating positive global impact.

Our Act is Culturally Diverse

We bridge the gap between East and West.

Borne out of a hybrid culture, Ishaara knows how to entertain people from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Bollywood is an Emerging Trend

“Slumdog Millionaire” was only the beginning!

Bollywood is just hot right now. Find out what some “Chammak Challo” and “Kolaveri Di” can do for you!

We Have a Long History of Success

We are America’s #1 ranked Bollywood team.

From the Streets of Berkeley to National Television, we are taking Bollywood to a whole new level.

Our Performances are Highly Unique

Color + energy + culture = unforgettable.

Bollywood is a mash-up of vibrant costumes, dynamic dance, powerful beats, and non-stop interaction.