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Klasikhz invites you to experience a world where East and West collide. For 10 years, Klasikhz has dedicated itself to the art of fusing the traditional sounds of India with the modern beats of the Western hemisphere. Specializing in custom remixing, live DJing, audio mastering, sound reengineering, music direction and professional consultation, Klasikhz has the unique ability to transform artistic vision into reality. The commitment to quality, excellence and exceeding client standards has resulted in musical output of the highest caliber.

This, is the Klasikhz experience.

The name Klasikhz is an obvious play on “classics” and “Sikhs,” which embodies two of the foundational influences of the group. The first is something that the group felt most music released these days had lost sight of, so one of the inaugural goals was to spread appreciation of the classics–through the music of Klasikhz. Since its inception, the group has undertaken many different projects to spread their name, their feeling, their style. These projects have ranged from bhangra competition mixes and performances to original production. Klasikhz very own founding member Iqwak Bhurji lives in San Jose, but his roots in Punjab remain strong. His deep love for the classic instruments and melodies of Punjabi folk music is only rivaled by his passion for remixing music and composing melodies. Dancing to bhangra has given a unique facet to his mixing style, making traditional folk instruments kick as hard as synthesized basslines and finding a forte for making boliyan stand out. A master of layouts and cutting custom beats, Iqwak does what most mixers can only imagine. Ishaara directors Shahil Patel and Sian Bentson immediately fell in love  with the Klasikhz performance mix of Da Real Punjabiz, Iqwak’s professional bhangra team against which Ishaara competed at Best of the Best 2008. Ishaara wasted no time in connecting with Iqwak and quickly forged a life-long partnership. As Ishaara continues to grow and gain recognition across the nation, their performance mixes are only getting better, and they thank Klasikhz for coming along  with them for the ride!