Shivani had an early start to diverse forms of dance ranging from jazz, tap, and ballet to Bollywood, Raas-Garba and Kathak.  She has fourteen years of training of Kathak, a classical North Indian dance style, under her mentor and guru Anjani Ambegaukar.  Kathak is traditionally a story-telling art form that incorporates hand gestures, facial expressions, intricate footwork, and swiftly executed spins, evoking intense emotion and excitement in its viewers.  This foundation enhanced her expertise in and love for Bollywood dance.  She brings a dynamic flavor to Ishaara and contributes immensely to the troupe’s high energy, fast-paced, and dramatic routines.  Her ability to move so quickly with such poise and grace makes a true asset. The positive culture and ubiquitous passion within the company makes dancing with Ishaara all the more fulfilling for her.  Thus, Ishaara will remain an integral part of her life.

University: UC Berkeley, Yale School of Nursing
Major: Nutritional Sciences
Career Path: Oncology Nurse Practitioner
Interests: Dance, Basketball, Traveling, Reading

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