Meghna is currently a med school student at VCU School of Medicine, hoping to pursue a career in medicine in the future. With a growing passion for dance since childhood, Meghna has been professionally trained in Western styles such as ballet, jazz and hip hop for over 15 years. While dedicating all of her free time to improving in each style, she has never been able to let go of dance. She pursued hip hop more through high school and college and it became her preferred style, yet she never lost sight of her Indian background having grown up cherishing Bollywood movies and songs. Therefore, it only seemed natural that she combine her two worlds and allow dance and Ishaara to make that connection. She has been able to share the grace and elegance of ballet, and the rhythm and sharpness of hip hop with Ishaara, contributing to the organization’s insight in the Hollywood realm and enhancing their creativity.

University: VCU School of Medicine
Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Career Path: Medicine
Interests: Eating ice cream, playing games, laughing, watching movies, and celebrity gossip!

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