Kiran was born and raised in Fremont,California with two left feet. Though she was kicking and screaming when her parents dragged her to dance classes as a child, their persistence eventually sparked her passion for the art. This led her to revitalize Sitaare, a previously dissolved competitive dance team, as she was studying at UC Irvine. Additionally, Kiran spent over five years as a principal dancer of the Bollywood Step Dance Company, performing around the world at various venues, including the Hollwood Bowl, and on television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Professionally, she spent five years working at UBS Financial Services before deciding to pursue her MBA at NYU Stern in an effort to transition to a career in media. She now works as a manager of TV Product Development and Strategy for NBCUniversal.

University: UC Irvine, NYU Stern School of Business (MBA)
Major: Business Economics, minor in Management
Career Path: Digital Distribution in Media
Current Company: NBCUniversal, Inc.
Interests: Christmas, Frank Sinatra, Sudoku

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