Iqwak Bhurji has been creating music his entire life. A true student of the musical arts, Iqwak has masterminded Klasikhz into the artistic phenomenon it is today. Many years ago, Iqwak had a vision to change the face of South Asian remixing, to take the collision of Eastern and Western sounds to new heights. Today, he has realized that vision through Klasikhz. Iqwak spends countless hours in the studios mixing, producing, and working to hone his skills and abilities. His ear for music and vast experience with multilayered tracks are simply unparalleled. While the Klasikhz team has been something of an evolution, Iqwak remains the solid foundation upon which it is built. He has a unique respect for his Sikh Punjabi roots, a true passion for traditional melodies of classic folk music, and a deep knowledge of hip hop, all of which combine to create the magic that is Klasikhz. He has empowered the success of some of the nation’s greatest dance teams, having produced mixes for clients such as DRP (Da Real Punjabiz), VCU Bhangra, and even “America’s Got Talent” semifinalist – Ishaara Dance Company. These teams seek Iqwak personally for guidance, knowing that they cannot find the same level of professionalism, experience, talent and creative genius in the market today

University: UC San Diego
Major: Economics
Career Path: Banking
Interests: Music, bhangra

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