What you’re talking about is called The Cheese Factor (‘Da Cha-eeez’ Fak-Thur’) – commonly known as running across open fields, singing atop snowy mountain peaks, cross-country car chases, and intensely dramatic love stories…

We put on shows that artfully showcase that aspect of Bollywood.

For instance, we might bring a gigantic fan on stage for a quick wind-blowing-through-my-hair-forever effect…or we might have shiny heart-shaped cutouts fall from the sky right at that perfect moment where our love story comes full circle. Who knows, we may even bring out cardboard banjos to enhance an epic moment between star-crossed lovers. Just imagine: right as they gaze lovingly into each others eyes – a violin sounds to strike the cords of the heart in conjunction with a visual display of banjos that make no sense and perfect sense all at the same time!

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